What is keratin?

Keratin is the protein which gives shape and consistency to the capillary fiber. You could say that 80% of hair is made of keratin. However, the secret of the so-called keratin treatments doesn’t just lie in the presence of this protein in its formula, but rather in the combination of other ingredients these treatments contain, such as vitamins, oils and aminoacids. Keratin is in charge of reconstructing the capillary fiber and the rest of the components make the hair soft and silky.

The use of keratin in hair care treatments began ten years ago in Brazil, due to the need to tame the dry, frizzy, rebellious and thick hair of the most pretentious women in the world. Thus began the race to find the definitive K formula which would make the dreams of millions of women come true: to have shiny, silky, easily styled straight hair for weeks, with no eternal brushings or other kinds of rituals.

With time, these products have become more developed and their formulas have been continuously improved. At Le Coiffeur we work with the latest generation of formaldehyde free keratin treatments imported directly from Brazil, made by highly qualified professionals with a unique formula based on pure keratin, silk proteins, vitamins, silicone, amino acids and concentrated coconut and cacao seed oils. Here’s how it works >>


Why Formaldehyde Free?

“As an ecologist and animal lover, I always choose natural products”, Juan Bautista Cucarella.

Formaldehyde and its derivatives are alcohols used in cosmetic formulas which act as preservatives. Many years ago it was discovered that the use of formaldehyde in large quantities was a spectacular way to straighten hair, but it was bad for your health. Many brands decided to create treatments with a high content of formaldehyde and very little keratin, without taking into consideration the fact that the gases generated by the heat of the straightening irons was toxic matter breathed in by both the client and the person giving the treatment. Furthermore, formaldehyde also creates a film around the capillary fiber which  asphyxiates it and keeps it from being nourished, making the hair dehydrated, weak and easily breakable.

Both in Europe and the USA it is now prohibited for hair care products to contain more than 0.02% formaldehyde, so many brands have been taken off the market.

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