The Salon


“It is vital for me to have a calm and exclusive space which generates a climate of understanding between professionals and clients” Juan Bautista Cucarella.


To talk about the salon Le Coiffeur, is to talk about Juan Bautista Cucarella, who has opted to personally treat his clients with no assistants since he opened this space eight years ago. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to make an appointment by calling either of the telephone numbers listed on the right.

At Le Coiffeur, we offer all kinds of salon services, professional make-up and image consulting services. We pay special attention to comfort and the optimization of our client’s time with all of our diverse capillary treatments, hair cuts and coloring treatments.


Le Coiffeur is specialized in coloring, offering the latest and healthiest techniques adapted to each client’s needs, based on skin tone, facial features, capillary texture, etc so that each treatment is an improvement on each client’s personal image.

Options include everything from permanent to semi-permanent dyes, all kinds of highlights (foil, Californian, chunking and cap), lowlights and color baths to illuminate and bring out the shine in hair.


Modern and innovative cuts are combined with classic styles, transforming them and adapting them to each client’s physical features.

All cuts maintain a balance between sophistication and casual, through romantic and elegant French styles like the bob, carré or garçon. Very short cuts are rather masculine, but subtle feminine details are maintained in the finishing touches.

Classic shoulder length cuts with straight lines or layers give volume to certain cuts.

Longer hair is cut in a wide range of styles, from a classic straight cut to an attractive wavy or curly hairstyle with a well-styled yet somewhat savage look, in accordance with the latest tendencies (Giselle Bundchen, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer López, Penélope Cruz).

Masculine haircuts, while maintaining the elegance and sharp work of a master barber, also acquire a renewed character with the introduction of modern cuts, creating the urban-chic image of the twenty first century gentleman.


As the final touch of a haircut or coloring treatment, professional hair styling is important for showcasing the technical work. Our styles range from completely natural to highly sophisticated, to casual-urban styles for today’s women.

Advanced Services

After many years of vast experience in Films, theater, TV, advertising and working in the music industry, this section includes all kinds of salon and make-up services, image consulting for advertising, fashion editorial, filming and events. Please note that all work outside of Madrid must be requested in advance.

  • Salon and make-up services for weddings are also offered.
  • All levels of make-up courses are offered, from a basic level to characterization make-up.

This content is also available in Spanish.