Keratin Treatments and Hair Care Products

 Thanks to the nutrients they contain, all of the keratin treatments at Le Coiffer restore the damaged capillary fiber to health, eliminating frizziness, stimulating growth, preventing hair loss and adding intense shine. After each treatment your hair will be protected against external environmental factors and chemical processes.

Basic Keratin Treatment

This is a formaldehyde free keratin capillary treatment for all kinds of hair which repairs damaged hair, reducing volume, eliminating frizz and leaving you with conditioned hair which will not be affected by humidity.

This treatment is not simply a straightening treatment, but rather it would be best defined as a long-acting conditioning treatment with many advantages including a straightening effect.

Thanks to Juan Bautista Cucarella’s professional experience, you can choose just how much you’d like to tame your curls, with different degrees of straightening. You can choose to maintain or reduce your hair’s natural volume, preserve your curls, turn them into waves or completely straighten your hair. Since everyone’s hair is different, the number of applications would vary in accordance with the desired effect. So while one application will be enough in some cases, others may need 1-3 applications in order to obtain naturally straight hair.

Step by step treatment:

  • First we’ll wash your hair with a special anti-residue shampoo for a deep clean. The main objective is to open your cuticle so that the keratin based product can penetrate the hair deeply.
  • Second, we’ll eliminate 85-90% of the hair’s humidity with a negative ion dryer, which will prepare your hair to receive the product.
  • Then we’ll divide your hair into sections in order to facilitate the uniform application of the keratin formula.
  • Once the application process has been completed, you must wait 35-40 minutes while extra heat is applied through modern techniques.
  • Once the product has taken to the hair through heat, we will begin the brushing process, through which any leftover product will be eliminated. This is one of the most important steps in the process, since it will determine the shape of your style, straighter or curlier depending on the client’s preference and our professional criteria.
  • Finally, with the help of the most technologically advanced straightening irons, we will then cauterize the hair’s cuticle, ironing it section by section. This re-establishes it’s molecular structure, the fiber is sealed and all the nutrients are locked in.

Intense Hydration

This is an express hydration treatment similar to the keratin treatment in that it is also appropriate for all kinds of hair, since its formula contains keratin and a cocktail of hydrating nutrients. It is perfect for reinforcing the basic treatment action of keratin, for example, after a hair coloring treatment.

This treatment differs from the basic treatment in three fundamental ways:

  • The product’s formula. This treatment contains an explosive combination of nutrients such as avocado, oatmeal, olive oil, yogurt, aloe vera, honey, almond oil and silk protein, in addition to a keratin concentrate.
  • In order to apply this treatment it is not necessary to open the cuticle, so we will wash your hair with a hydrating shampoo instead of an anti-residue shampoo.
  • After the application protocol and exposition time with a healthy dose of heat, we will rinse your hair in order to eliminate any leftover product, so that the brushing process will be less difficult than that of the basic keratin treatment. Finally, we will cauterize your hair with a special straightening iron, thereby sealing the cuticle so that the nutrients are locked in.

Post-treatment Hair Care

Your hair care needs will be the same after both the basic keratin treatment and the intensive hydration treatment. We recommend that you consistently follow the recommendations of your hair care professional in order to prolong the effects of both treatments.

  • Don’t wash or even wet your hair for at least 48 hours after the treatment.
  • During those two days, your hair should be left down. You should not wear a ponytail, bun, use barrettes or bobby pins or even place your hair behind your ears.
  • Avoid the use of gels, aerosols or other chemical products.
  • Our only recommendation for maintenance is the use of a shampoo and conditioner which are free of phosphates and sulphates (without salt) so that the hair’s cuticle will remain sealed. As an optional treatment we recommend uses a phosphate and sulphate free deep conditioner, especially if you plan to expose your hair to damaging situations: the beach, pool, etc. These products can be bought from the salon after your treatment is completed.

This content is also available in Spanish.