How does keratin work?

Hair is protected with a layer known as the “cuticle” which is made up of a sequence of scales placed on top of one another like tiles on a roof. When hair is healthy these scales are lined up in just one direction and the cuticle is sealed, allowing the interior of the hair to remain intact along with all its nutrients, reflecting all of the hair’s shine.

The overuse of conventional straighteners, decoloring, hair dyes, dryers and flattening irons, as well as damage from the sun, sea and other external factors, destroy the layer of keratin surrounding hair in its natural state. The result is damaged, dehydrated and porous hair. Here we can see how the hair’s structure has been altered:

Pelo sano y pelo dañado

Healthy hair and damaged hair

The keratin compound works by sealing the hair’s cuticle by applying keratin which fuses with the capillary cells thanks to the application of heat, thereby eliminating 80% of the hair’s porosity and restoring 100% of the capillary fiber. Please note that this is a progressive treatment, so the level of restoration after the first application can vary from 60% to 90%. Your hair will be healthy, manageable, incredibly shiny and naturally straight.

Professional Application

The correct application of the treatment, as well as the brushing and straightening techniques used, are just as important as the treatment itself. In order to achieve the desired results, the treatment should be applied with patience and care by a trained professional who can make a proper diagnosis of the state of the hair’s capillary fiber.

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