Juanba is the marvellous coiffeur who gives light to your hair. He’s careful and loving, the best of friends and stylists. Love and keratin to make you feel divine! Kisses from Paris.
Rossy de Palma. Actress, singer and muse
There are make-up artists and there are magicians…Juanba is part of the second group. He loves women and he wants to make them beautiful. He’s a lot of fun and he has always known how to grow as an artist and human being. There have been many days in my life in which he made me feel precious, but one was irreplaceable; the anniversary of 40 principales at the Calderón stadium…Thanks Juanba! I love you!!!
Marta Sánchez. Singer
What goes on between Juanba and I goes way beyond natural understanding. We don’t even need to speak. A little bit, yes, but we each only have to give a few key details to know what the other wants. Because only Juanba knows that an “Amy beehive” is not the same thing as a Carmen Sevilla style or the difference between a mussed La Polaca style and a Sarli. And that banana shaped eyeliner with heavy lashes is a priceless look, especially if you have the confidence of knowing that he will be creating it.
Alaska. Singer and Actress
Knowing Juanba means being lucky enough to become a fortunate human being, not only because of his overwhelming, irresistible personality and extensive culture, but also because he is the only make-up artist who is capable of turning me into one of the most handsome rock stars of all times. But I never forget one thing: I owe everything to the great Juanba.
Mario Vaquerizo. La Nancy Anoréxica
Juanba is a polyhedral artist, which is so necessary at a time when art is becoming increasingly stupid.
Antonia San Juan. Actress, director and film producer
It’s hard to think of something Juanba couldn’t do. His creative momentum, the bravery of his work and his eager talent accompany him in everything he does. It’s a pleasure to count on his artistic collaborations, good will and generosity.
Félix Sabroso and Dunia Ayaso. Director and film producer
Juan Bautista Cucarella, beauty therapist. They say that stylists are great psychologists and Juanba is a prime example. Once his hands are finished with you, you’re not only beautiful but you also have high levels of self-esteem and a great desire to take life with a better mood.
Sara Sáez. Journalist